As a premium Tampa massage business, we often have new clients come in who have questions about massage before they get one. Today we’re going to look at a few of those questions and answer them so that you can concentrate on relaxing when you come to see us!

Tampa Massage Professionals Answer Your Massage Questions

Q: Can massage help a pinched nerve?

A: Yes if your pinched nerve is caused by muscle or tissue pinching the nerve. In this case, massage will help to relax the muscle or tissue and relieve tension in the area which, in turn, will relieve your pain!

Q: Are massage chairs good for you?

A: There is a wide array of massage chairs on the market so the answer to this question can vary, but in general, we don’t recommend investing in a massage chair. Why? Well, massage chairs are built with a specific group of settings available, you can only adjust your massage within those settings. When you use an experienced masseuse, however, they can talk to you about what areas you need focusing on, what type of pressure or percussion feels most comfortable, and (most importantly!) listen to your feedback!

Q: Can massage help lower back pain?

A: This is a question that we hear frequently and the answer is yes! No matter what caused your lower back pain, massage therapy can relax the muscles in that area and gently stretch aching muscles to release tension. In fact, if you work in an office chair all day, many doctors recommend including regular massage in your healthcare routine. Making massage part of your routine will help to prevent pressure and tension from building up in your back and it will also help to prevent work stress from getting you down as well!

Q: How can massage help me to feel better?

A: Massage is a beneficial therapy for a wide range of conditions, here are just a few of the benefits that you may experience by booking regular massage sessions:

  • Better control of the stress in your life
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less back pain from a sedentary lifestyle
  • Increased flexibility
  • Less reliance on pain relief medications
  • Feeling more emotionally balanced
  • Plus, it’s a chance for some “me time” where you can turn the world off for a while and focus on nothing but relaxing!

Q: What does massage do?

A: When you book a massage, a trained masseuse will use their hands and massage oil to release the tension in your muscles and the soft tissues of your body. There are a variety of massage techniques that use different percussions, different pressures, and that focus on different aspects of healing, but all massage is designed to help you to feel better by relaxing your body!

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