When you visit a Tampa massage spa it’s important that you feel comfortable with the environment, the people, and the experience overall. Here at Summer Massage Spa we often have customers come to us who have had bad experiences in other massage parlors in the area. While we are more than happy to provide our quality services to these clients, we also don’t want to see more people making the mistake of trusting the wrong business so today we’re sharing some red flags that you should watch for when choosing a massage spa.

Tampa Massage Spa: 5 Red Flags to Look For in a New Massage Therapist

1. No Pricing Information Available

If there is no pricing information available when you go a massage parlor and there is a reluctance to give you that information when you ask for it, that’s a pretty big red flag. In fact, this is a good sign that you are in an illicit massage parlor. Even if you are in a legitimate massage spa a lack of pricing information is worrisome because it means that there is no set pricing structure and you could easily be taken advantage of.

2. They Make You Feel Uncomfortable

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a chiropractor’s office with a massage therapist or a full massage spa, ANYTIME that a massage therapist makes you feel uncomfortable, listen to your gut. Massage is about helping you to relax and let go of stress in your life, something that is impossible to do if you feel uncomfortable or ill at ease with the massage therapist. It’s also important that if you feel that a massage therapist has been inappropriate in their contact with you that you report the incident immediately. At Summer Massage Spa we were horrified to learn how many people have been uncomfortable at other massage spas before seeking us out!

3. Pain

Deep tissue massage can feel uncomfortable at times, but a traditional massage should never hurt you. If you feel pain or discomfort during a massage convey this to your massage therapist. It may be that you have an injury or bruised area that is causing you pain and that area can be avoided. If the pain is in more than a localized area, however, your massage therapist may not be as well trained as they should be and that’s a BIG red flag!

4. There’s No Paperwork

When you first visit a massage spa you should be asked to fill in new client paperwork. This paperwork doesn’t just include your basic information, it also includes information about your current complaints, the reason for your visit, any health conditions or allergies you are experiencing, etc. These forms are crucial in helping your massage therapist to ensure that you get the most benefit out of your massage but also in avoiding exacerbating any existing injury.

Looking For a Reputable and Trusted Tampa Massage Spa?

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