Booking a Tampa couple’s massage is a great idea for any couple! No matter what the occasion is or isn’t, a couple’s massage offers many benefits to both partners. Today we’re going to take a look at just a few of those benefits!

Tampa Couples Massage: 5 Benefits of a Couples Massage

1. Stress Relief!

One of the biggest problems facing couples at the moment is that they have been quarantined together for far too long! Being constantly under each other’s feet has led even the quietest couples to start bickering back and forth! That’s why it’s the perfect time to book a couples massage! During your massage, you will not only feel physically relaxed but feeling physically relaxed will also let your mind let go of all of those little things that have been bothering you!

2. A Quiet Moment

If you are a parent who has been tackling homeschooling and trying to work at home while your significant other is doing the same, maybe it’s time to take a moment of silence together? Ask a friend or family member to take control for an hour and grab your partner and come and pay us a visit! Don’t you both deserve a moment to take a breath and just BE?

3. Improve Your Relationship

The feelings of relaxation and the release of those “feel good” chemicals and “love” hormones that come from a massage are a great way to set the mood. Enjoy a couples massage and head home for a romantic dinner and quality time together! Even if you have been getting on each other’s nerves lately, a couples massage is a sure-fire way to bring back those feelings of romance! Want to see your partner in a new light after so much stress? A couple’s massage is the way to go.

4. Trying Something New!

If you have never experienced a massage or a couple’s massage, it’s a great “something new” to try together – especially during such a stressful time! Treat yourselves to the most relaxing experience you’ve ever had, and enjoy it knowing that your significant other is right next to you enjoying their own massage too!

5. Say Thank you

A couples massage doesn’t have to be two romantic partners experiencing a massage together, you can also bring a sister, a best friend, a mother…whoever you would like to give the gift of relaxation to! Don’t you both enjoy a few moments of complete relaxation to reward yourselves for getting through these past few months?  Plus, a nice massage is a perfect way to start quality time together! Get a massage and then head back home to do facials, paint your nails, watch movies, or just FLOP! We know that many of our clients feel like doing absolutely nothing after their massage because they are so relaxed!

Ready to Book Your Tampa Couples Massage?

If you’re ready to book your couples massage in Tampa, give us a call here at Summer Massage Spa! To make your appointment with one of our expert massage technicians, just give us a call today at (727) 201-4579.