If you have never been to a massage spa before, the thought of going to one might leave you feeling a little nervous. It’s understandable to feel nervous, but at Summer Massage Spa, we think it’s important for you to be able to enjoy your massage and take advantage of the time you have to relax and take a break from the craziness of the real world. So, today, we want to share a few etiquette tips for your first massage appointment in the hopes that they will set your mind at ease.

Massage Spa: Etiquette For Your Massage Appointment

Everyone usually feels nervous before their first massage appointment. It’s a new situation and you may not be familiar with what you are expected to do which can make those nerves even worse. Well, here are a few tips for massage etiquette:

Be Respectful of the Atmosphere

A massage should be a relaxing experience not only for you but for other customers who are having a massage too. You will notice that when you walk into a spa, the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation – quiet music, low talking voices at the reception area, etc. Please be respectful of this atmosphere and follow suit. Please don’t talk loudly with friends, be sure to turn off your cell phone ringer, and always keep your voice at a respectable tone.

If You Have a Question or Are Unsure About Something, Please Ask!

Our massage technicians understand that you may have questions about the massage process and what you are expected to do. If you have questions or if you are unsure about something, please just ask rather than let your questions go unanswered or assume the answer! For example, you may have a question about the massage oils being used or about hot rock massage.

Don’t Worry If You Fall Asleep!

Your massage should be relaxing and plenty of clients fall asleep while they are on the massage table! So, instead of worrying about falling asleep, just relax and enjoy the experience! If you fall asleep, you won’t be the first client to do so and you certainly won’t be the last. We just take it as a compliment that you felt truly relaxed and comfortable!

Be Respectful of Your Massage Therapist

Your massage therapist is a professional who trained to become a massage technician. They trained to help others feel well through various massage techniques and they do this because they truly love what they do. We ask that you please always be respectful towards your massage therapist and treat them kindly. And remember, being respectful doesn’t mean not talking to them! An important part of your massage experience is being able to communicate with your technician so that they can adjust their technique to your needs!

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