When it comes to massage, Pinellas Park, we have talked about a number of health benefits of massage and ways that massage can help you to become a healthier person. One of those benefits that is particularly important is relaxation. Relaxation not only helps you to enjoy your massage, but it also lowers your blood pressure, gives you a feeling of wellbeing, and helps your muscles to relax and loosen up. Once you have achieved this happy and comfortable state, to maintain it requires a few changes to your lifestyle – namely – learning how to achieve relaxation at home. So today we’re going to share a few tips to hep you to relax while you’re at home post-massage!

Massage: Pinellas Park Spa Shares 5 Relaxation Tips

1. Turn Off Your Screens

We know, it’s a difficult thing to ask in our technologically driven society, but giving your brain a little time without electronic stimulation and blue light means that your brain isn’t being exposed to a constant barrage on the senses. At the very least, take a couple of hours each day to give yourself this kind of break and you’d be surprised how much it helps!

2. Try Eating Nutritious Foods

It sounds odd, but ditch the junk food and opt for more nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, etc. and you’ll find that you feel more relaxed than you have in a while. Why? Because your body isn’t having to expend as much energy to draw nutrients out of your food and use those nutrients as fuel. With less energy expended, you are going to feel much brighter eyed and less stressed out and drained of energy!

3. Get Enough Sleep

We know you’ve heard this one plenty of times before, but it’s so important that it needed a reminder. Sleep is the time during which your body recharges and repairs itself. Without this recharge and repair, you are going to continue trying to draw on an empty supply which eventually is going to fail and you’ll find yourself committed to plans and activities that you don’t even remember! Talk about stressful!

4. Spend Time With Those You Love

It’s true! Spending time with the people you love isn’t just fun, it’s also a great way to forget your stressors and enjoy a little “downtime”. Take a walk together, visit a museum, or just spend some time talking together and sharing your thoughts! Just try not to focus on screens while you spend time together!

5.Read a Book

If you enjoy reading, reading a book is a great way to “unplug” from the “real world and electronic devices. Now depending on what you’re reading, you may or may not find humor in your book, but if you have a choice, you should know that laughing also helps to release stress and tension!

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