If you have been thinking about investing in a massage chair, we urge you to reconsider that purchase. Why? Well, there are a few reasons (and no, it’s not just because we are a massage spa!)

Massage Chair: Why You Shouldn’t Invest in One

You’ve seen them before – and if you’re like most people, you’ve even tried them before and considered buying one yourself. Yes, we’re talking about those fancy massage chairs that you see people testing in the mall. But, while they may seem like a good idea to help you to de-stress at home, we’ve got a few reasons why you should avoid investing in one.

We Are Not All Built The Same Way

When you look at these massage chairs, you will notice that they are all limited in the amount of customization that they afford. For example, no matter how tall you are, the massaging backrest of the chair is going to be in the same place on the chair for you as it was for a shorter person before you. The problem? Your back isn’t in the same place! So, while the person before you may have been getting an upper back massage, you will wind up getting the same massage in the middle of your back.

How can one chair meet the unique needs of every body type out there?

They Don’t Take into Account Injuries and Illness

A lot of people seek massage therapy because they have been injured or have an illness that causes them pain. In these situations, massage can help to relieve that pain but only when it is done properly and with the injury in mind. Unfortunately, a mechanical chair is unable to ask you if it is using too much pressure on your injured back or if it is aggravating rather than alleviating the pain that you feel.

So, while a personalized massage can help to alleviate your pain, a massage chair can possibly make it much worse!

There Are Limitations to What a Massage Chair Can Do

If you look carefully at these machines, they offer multiple “styles” of massage. For example, they may offer fast percussive movements or slower percussive or rolling movements. While some people may find this type of sensation enjoyable, this is not technically a different style of massage…in fact, it’s not necessarily massaging at all! We have written on our blog before about the different types of massage – what they focus on and how they work – the differences lie in the history and the philosophy behind the massage.

To enjoy a proper massage, you need a pair of trained hands to lengthen your muscles and knead your body gently, a massage chair just doesn’t have this amount of versatility!

Skip the Massage Chair and Opt For a Customized Massage Instead!

If you understand now why a massage chair isn’t the best option for you, we encourage you to give us a call and book an appointment with us for a customized massage. Our experienced massage technicians will ensure that you get personalized relief and leave our spa feeling like a whole new person!