As a leading licensed masseuse Pinellas Park residents count on for stress relief and pain reduction, we believe that it’s truly important to get the most out of your massage experience. The best way to do this is to always visit a licensed masseuse. Why is that license so important? That’s what we’re talking about today!

Licensed Masseuse Pinellas Park: 5 Reasons a License Matters

1. Safety

Working with a licensed masseuse helps to ensure that you are safe at all times during your massage. You won’t have to worry about winding up in an industrial garage on a foldaway table with a “masseuse” who has no idea what they are doing. A licensed masseuse will only work in a professional setting where you will feel safe and where the necessary equipment is on hand.

2. Health

While massage therapy certainly isn’t as invasive as many health procedures – for example, getting a physical at the dr – it is still an environment where the improper health precautions could wind up costing you (particularly during this time!) Just a few of the possibilities if you visit a masseuse who is not licensed include: rashes, respiratory illness, and contagious illness. In comparison, a licensed masseuse will always take your health into consideration and will ALWAYS sanitize everything fully before beginning your massage, and following your massage, they will repeat this sanitization process for their next client.

3. Effectiveness

Many people forget that there is a physiological science behind massage therapy. Massage therapists must undergo professional training to learn how to apply various massage techniques to specific anatomical areas with the correct method and amount of pressure in order for your muscles to relax and for you to feel relief. If an untrained masseuse attempts to give you a massage, you risk serious injury including pulled or strained muscles, severe pain, and even permanent nerve damage!

4. Legal Concerns

Another concern of using an unlicensed massage parlor is that there are legal concerns involved with the use of more questionable massage parlors. These parlors may offer services that are prohibited by law, they may support illegal practices, and they may just be a front for another type of business. A reputable masseuse will never work for this type of business and you should never frequent this type of business not only for your health and wellness but because you could face serious legal ramifications if you take part in this type of service or support this kind of business.

5. Ethical Concerns

Using a massage parlor like the type of business we mentioned above can also present ethical concerns. Many times these questionable massage parlors support unethical practices such as paying employees far below minimum wage and in extreme cases, they may even be trafficking in human lives!

Are You Searching For a Licensed Masseuse Pinellas Park Residents Trust?

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