At Summer Massage Asian Spa, we offer many massage services to help you to feel your best. What type of services do we offer?

Asian Spa: What Services Does Summer Massage Offer?

If you are in or around Pinellas Park and are in need of a little relaxation, our technicians here at Summer Massage Spa can help! We have a full staff of friendly massage technicians who are licensed massage therapists and familiar in a range of massage techniques.


Shiatsu is also called finger pressure massage because the massage technician applies pressure to specific points on the body. Using a pattern, they move from point to point in a rhythm that helps to improve the flow of xi throughout the body for better health and a more complete sense of wellbeing.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage isn’t for everyone because it involves the application of deep pressure combined with slow strokes. This method of massage is designed to reach deep into the muscle to relieve knots as well as to promote a healthy blood flow to areas that are causing you difficulty. Deep tissue massage isn’t painful, but it can be uncomfortable for some people so keep this in mind!

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses smooth hot stones to help to relax your muscles. Sometimes a massage technician will hold the heated stones in their hands while they massage you and other times they may simply place the heated stones on specific areas of your body and leave them for a little while as your muscles absorb the heat and you relax!

Hot stone massage is very relaxing and if it is your first time getting a massage and you are suffering from some aches and pains, we recommend giving hot stone massage a try!

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage. This style of massage involves using long slow and soft massage strokes and light tapping on the skin to relieve tension in the muscles. This is a great option for a first time massage if you’re not too sure what kind of massage would be right for you.

Swedish massage is a great relaxation massage especially if you are overwhelmed mentally and physically. This is an all around great option to take you away from your daily stressors and shut out the craziness for a while so that you can feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world all over again!

Why Try Massage?

If you haven’t yet tried massage and aren’t sure whether it’s the right choice for you, we encourage you to give it a try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – including a feeling of peace and relaxation that we guarantee you need! Plus, all of our massage technicians are fully trained and licensed so you can relax knowing that you are in good hands!

Asian Spa in and Around Pinellas Park

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