Here at Summer Massage and Spa, we specialize in Asian massage. If you aren’t familiar with Asian massage, today we’re going to talk a little bit about what it is and where it originated.

Asian Massage: The History of Asian Massage

We mentioned in our last post that this is a style of massage that follows the Asian principles of medicine. The idea is that in order to live a healthy life, you need to have a free-flow of energy throughout the body. If that flow of energy is blocked, you are not going to feel your best and so the strokes of Asian massage focus on restoring the free flow of that energy by removing any blockages.

Where Did Asian Massage Originate?

Asian massage therapy dates back to around 2700 BCE and combined traditional Asian medicine with concepts of martial arts and ideas from Buddhism and Taoism. Combining the Buddhist and Taoist importance of touch to spiritual health with the idea of the natural flow of energy within the body. Once the natural flow of energy is restored through touch, the body is then able to heal itself by achieving balance.

Over time, different techniques of massage began to develop as adaptations were made to movements and styles of touch. In some instances, these methods of touch and massage were combined with other elements of Asian medicine and theology. For example, natural herbs and aromatherapy were often combined with massage techniques to create a full and harmonious massage experience that resulted in relaxed muscles as well as a relaxed mind.


It was around this same time that other areas of Asian medicine began to grow – particularly acupressure which focuses on using pressure points within the body. By applying pressure to these pressure points in the body, acupressure allows for energy to be better balanced in the body for mental and physical wellbeing.

Further Adaptations

At around 1000 BCE, Japanese monks studying Buddhism in China who first observed the use of massage techniques in healing practices. They then took the methods that they had learned back to Japan where they finetuned the methods to eventually develop Shiatsu. The main theory behind this type of massage is to increase the level of energy within the body. This increase in energy fortifies the organs within the body and strengthens the body enabling it to fight more efficiently against negative forces.

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