Are you searching for “Asian massage near me”? Today we want to talk a little bit about what Asian massage actually is and how it differs from other types of massage.

Massage Techniques

There are multiple types of massage and different techniques are more beneficial for different needs. A well-trained masseuse doesn’t just know how to perform these techniques, but they also know when to apply the different techniques.

Asian Massage Near Me: What Is Asian Massage?

Asian massage is a massage technique rooted in the principles of traditional Asian medicine. The premise of this type of massage is to bring relief by reducing tension and pain.¬†There are different types of Asian massage, but most of them rely on the premise of creating a balance in the energy or “chi” of the body.

Differences in Massage Techniques

One of the biggest differences in Asian massage is that it does not require direct skin to skin contact where other forms of massage are most beneficial when applied directly to the bare skin.

Additionally, massage techniques – for example, deep tissue massage – are designed for specific types of manipulation for specific purposes. So in the case of deep tissue massage, the purpose of each technique is to relieve pain and release knots in muscles. Asian style is more holistic and targets the body as a whole and focuses on the importance of creating balance.

The Origins of Asian Technique

The techniques used in this type of massage have deep cultural roots. As early as 3,000 BC, Chinese culture used massage to promote healing. These techniques gave rise to Amma Therapy, Tui-na, and acupressure. These techniques were then combined with Thai massage techniques introduced 2,500 years ago by Buddhist monks. Mastery of both of these techniques was then enhanced by the Japanese shiatsu techniques developed in the 20th century.

The combination of all of these different approaches to massage was eventually grouped under the umbrella term “Asian” massage.

Where to Get Massage

The best place to get this style of massage is to find areas of the city with bustling Asian communities. These areas frequently have traditional massage parlors that utilize techniques that have been taught in traditional settings with the integration of traditional medicine. Here at Summer Massage Spa in Pinellas Park, we offer a range of massage services including this unique, holistic approach to full-body wellness.

Still Looking For Massage?

If you’re still searching for this unique massage style and are in or around Pinellas Park, give us a call here at Summer Massage Spa at (727) 201-4579. Our team of experienced massage professionals is more than happy to assess your massage needs and help you to determine whether our style of massage is right for you!