Here at Summer Massage Spa, we offer a range of massage techniques to our clients including hot oil massages. Today we want to talk a little bit about hot oil massages including what they are and what they are beneficial for.

Hot Oil Massages: What Are They All About?

Hot oil massage is a massage technique where a masseuse uses warmed oils while massaging the head and body. The warmed oils help you to relax and help tense muscles to release while you are undergoing the massage while also providing lubrication for the masseuse’s hands over your skin.

Masseuses who offer hot oil massage can use a number of different massage oils, but here at Summer Massage Spa, our team uses the highest-quality botanical massage oils.

Where Does Hot Oil Massage Come From?

Hot oil massage has a rich history in the Indian culture that goes back for thousands of years. This rich history stems from the use of hot oil massage in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve various symptoms of illness.

Benefits of Hot Oil Massage

Stress Relief

One of the most obvious benefits to any type of massage is stress relief! Being able to relax in a quiet room and “turn off” the outside world while any tension in your muscles is being released through massage techniques helps to reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, and create an overall feeling of wellbeing!


Patients with joint problems, arthritis, and athletes often find great relief in hot oil massage when they are feeling particularly achy. The warmth of the oil penetrates deep into the joints to relax underlying soft tissue while manipulation of the area with massage techniques helps to loosen tight joints and improve range of motion.

Improved Circulation

It’s no secret that heat therapy improves circulation, but combined with massage manipulation techniques, blood flow is increased even more. This doesn’t just benefit overall circulation, though, the increased flow of oxygenated blood helps to deliver more oxygen to tissues and muscles throughout the body to improve their function and improve energy levels.


Another “bonus” benefit to hot oil massage is hydration! If you frequently experience dry skin, the oils used during hot oil massage will deliver nutrients and moisture to your skin to create a gorgeous sheen and nourish your previously thirsty skin!

Pain Relief

Because hot oil massage increases circulation and allows for better oxygenation of tissues throughout the body, it is also helpful in relieving pain. As oxygen-rich blood feeds tissues and organs in the body it improves their overall function and releases spasticity and tension that may be causing significant pain.

Are Hot Oil Massages Right For You?

If hot oil massages sound like they’re right for you, why not give us a call at (727) 201-4579 to set up your appointment with one of our professional masseuses today? Isn’t it about time that you treated yourself to a little relaxation?